Sunday, 13 February 2011

a weekend for gardening and art

Yesterday it was a lovely day so spent all day tidying up the garden and planting bulbs..moved my little serene buddha to a new bamboo home..she was with my sage plant as she is very wise!

today I went to a printmaking brown wrapping paper to print on

I was hoping we would print on cloth but had fun making all these pages

Will probably alter this digitally and then print it out on fabric with more layers

I also went around the Tate gallery today and bought a great picasso and also a georgia o keefe diary full of prints. I really liked looking at the paintings by Jasper Johns and Sonia Delaunay. and their vibrant use of colour


Louise Pallister said...

Looks like that workshop really paid off, so glad it was useful.

Janet Ghio said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

Emma said...

Love the yoga pose & felt pieces. I'm missing my yoga classes so much but have done much more myself this winter. my printmaking class has been put on hold, nothing to the poor teacher who was in a bad car crash - she'll recover slowly & know she's inspired me in printing. Yours are lovely.

Lynn Stevens said...

Your really learning alot about color! Whta a fun workshop that must have been, also sounds like a great day of kite flying you all had!