Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Smiles, tea and the beach

I really liked this painting by Lucian Freud called woman smiling..I used the newspaper cutting and coloured over it with pastels and added various elements to make this journal page with the words free, reflection and the little saying on the tag says "when I whine I wine" a saying I thought was so funny!

we went to new brighton beach yesterday and even though it was very windy we had a marvellous time playing on the sand and watching all the boats on the mersey..we then called into my friend Lindas and made these little cartons for putting sweets in but they have got lego and toy solider in them now!

Donna over at coming home blog posted about enjoying english tea..I am really into drinking different teas at the moment since I got this cute little tea pot for mums day. The words on the teapot say "mothers are like flowers they brighten your day". I like earl grey, moroccan spice mint tea, camomile, raspberry and green tea..but still love good old yorkshire tea too! Here is my posh teapot along with some shells from the beach in front of the spirea which is in full bloom at the moment.


Sid said...

Great day out and super art too !!

Tin Can Tart said...

Your children are going to have such Happy memories.

Sam said...

Another lovely AJ page and looks like you had a great day out. Your tea pot is really sweet! x

artistamyjo said...

I love this piece,what a softly colored gem.
We had some warmth for a couple days, but cold again. Spring seems lost and can't find Michigan !
Hugs. Amy

Linda said...

I love the colours in your journal page Lorraine....the hearts stand out beautifully.
And that beach scene is just perfect....

Donna said...

Lorraine..what a darling tea pot and cup! Such a perfect gift for mother's day. I've never heard of Yorkshire tea but it sounds like something I would love.

I think your journal page with the painting and the quote about whining and wine. Too funny!

And how smart to make the little boxes. I'm not surprised that Legos ended up in one. Proof that you are a good mommy! :o)

The trip to Brighton sounds lovely. How funny--Brighton is cemented in my mind by a favorite story by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. They kept mentioning how happy they would all be if they could just go to Brighton. I've always wondered what it is like. :o)

Have a great day Lorraine..I'm off to more sewing of a Welcome banner. I so enjoy sewing with elaborate tapestries!