Thursday, 9 June 2011

7 deadly sins journal page swap

Over at the Milliande art community I am taking part in a journal page swap. One of the themes this month is the 7 deadly sins so had fun making this page..I wanted it to resemble a chaotic Bruegel Dulle Griet painting. I have used images from several paintings (Angels by Benozzo Gozzoli, Creation of Adam by Michelangelo etc). The words at the bottom are one of my fav biblical quotes "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" full of compassion in contrast with the hellfire and damnation colours and images. The next journal page theme in the swap is genie in a bottle so will make that with lighter brighter colours..good fun doing a very dark journal page though!

The weather here has been very dark and gloomy -here is a photo I took yesterday on one of my bike rides to nearby Halebank..I decided not to carry on any further as was already soaked through!


Sid said...

Gorgeous colours !!

artistamyjo said...

This is really awesome,you must have put lots of thought into this one!
Hugs, amy

Gloria said...

That's a great piece of work. Lots of color, very nicely done. I love how you added all those little sqaure boxes at the top of your page. If I may ask, how did you do that?? I like that idea. Have a great Friday.

Sam said...

Oh I have missed your blog so much! Blogger is playing me up big time and i have been unable to leave comments. Was getting so frustrated that I gave myself 2 weeks away from blogging! Love all the art work you have been doing and the beautiful photos of stormy skies. Your art journal cover page is fab x