Monday, 14 May 2012

All flowers are different but each is perfect in its own way

Had a go making some pages for my Italian friend Letizia today.  The background started off as an abstract painting but then I ripped it up and added lots of layers to it..looks better as journal pages than a dont forget its only paper you can rip up your paintings too!

PS is anyone else having problems with links on blogger..whenever I try and click on one of my fav blogs to the right..I have to press down the ctrl button too..this is getting on my nerves..does anyone know how to fix this?????????????


Deborah said...

Your lovely pages so make me think of Summer (which has sadly deserted my neck of the woods today. My current problem with blogger is I keep getting the 503 Service Unavailable screen when I try and access a blog, then second time aroud it works!

bois-fleurie said...

Like the page very much ,its very bright and cheerful.
Blogger often sends me mad,I always think its because my conection is so slow.

Sandy said...

Oh wow Lorraine this is stunning.
Wonderful piece of art. I love them. xoxo

Sid said...

Fab flowers, and they are one of natures wonders too !! Sorry can't help with your blogger problem Lorraine.

Corrine at said...

just lost a comment on another blog, but your flowers are making up for it. Ripping up others things is always fun and you never quite know what will emerge. Thanks for sharing your technique. xox