Saturday, 12 May 2012

little bit of everything this week

 Had a go at painting pansies in watercolour..less paint is more I think so still need lots of practise
 My woodburning kit arrived this week which I bought with supermarket points so it was having a go at new things and you feel very at one with nature when you do this for some strange reason..must be the Celt in I want to do Celtic designs on this box next
 finished my klimt tapestry kit so going to put this in a box frame on the wall
 used a basic grey card kit to kick start me to fill my card box full of lovely bright colours
 this is the katie pirson kit I am doing of a night time but adding my own style to it as usual...
we have had torrential rain but my blueberry plant has loads of green berries on it so cant wait for summer..need to put netting on it soon I think.  Going to pick up some more plants from church later this afternoon to support the scouts and the sun has finally come out today so garden day I think.  Have a good arty week everyone till next time.....


Sid said...

Some gorgeous projects there Lorraine, love the Klimt !

Sandy said...

Wow Lorraine so so beautiful.
Love the flower painting. Gorgeous work. xoxo

Diane said...

Love all of this goodness---right down to those blueberries!

Linda said...

Love this post've been so busy! I really like the woodburning; its so perfect, and your tapestry is lovely. The bird embroidery also looks delightful.
Didn't realise we could grow blueberries in England - how dippy am I?