Friday, 11 January 2013

Craftsy Quilt blocks of the month..

I made these 2 blocks for the 2012 block of the month class..found them difficult though as you had
to cut out a 12" square..I ended up using an old cereal box for a pattern but my cutting board wasnt big enough so a bit awkward to do..pleased with the results though despite this

These blocks are for the 2013 block of the month..found these easier to do as they are made from scraps so didnt have to cut out a huge square first.

I am having a go at the Craftsy Block of the Month classes...recommend if you want to take up quilting as they are free.  I have always found quilting a bit overwhelming with all its precision which is not like me at all..but I thought if I have a go at making some blocks every month then at least I am using up my mountain of scrap material! 

Enjoy your weekend....

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