Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Paintings influenced by Kristen

Over at the the one little house art community there is a group called Paint what you see.  Here are my finished paintings for that group..thought you would like to see stages of the paintings.  When I was painting these I decided to try and capture the main character of the book I am reading which is set in 14th century Norway called Kristin Lavransdatter..superb though very long book.

Kristen with the book she is very pious and has lots of children

trying to capture her melancholic character

face and figure drawn onto collaged papers

lots of layers from old journal pages added to a painted background
 I have noticed that my blog has only a few comments these days so would love to have you comment and then I can visit your blog too;)


Kim said...

Wow- I love these! They have such a soft magical feel to them- very pretty! I sadly only have the start of one painting in my journal. My job is eating my time up this week, but I hope to get time to work on it more this weekend. Have a creative week!

Amy said...

This is just beautiful,she is so lovely to look at.
I see a slow down in comments as well. Perhaps the Holidays has worn everyone out !

SusanLotus said...

Great paintings!

Janet Ghio said...

These are really interesting pages! I like them. I love the little house group-lot of things to choose from